My resume should demonstrate to you that I received more than just an education in my time at Seattle University - I received practical, hands-on experience that makes me competitive in today’s difficult job market. 

As a PR/Marketing intern for different organizations I had a chance to apply my basic understanding of PR principles to real life circumstances. 

At KCTS 9, PBS in Seattle, I contributed to multi-platform marketing growth from concept development to creative execution. For example, during the early stage of a promotion for a PBS popular program, Nature, I assisted with pitching ideas for e-newsletters, Facebook and Twitter.  

Samples of my Facebook posts, Tweets, and program descriptions that I have worked on.  
 E Newsletter
Social Media Examples


The Human Impacts Institute - Brooklyn, New York 

At The Human Impacts Institute, I drafted and send out press releases to The NYTimes, Brooklyn Papers, and New York Observer. I also researched potential funders and wrote 5 grant proposals. 

Blog Post

HII PressRelease_10 Days Climate Action

NBCUniversal - Oxygen 

For three months at Web Editorial Marketing Department at Oxygen I learned the foundation for editorial and marketing work in all aspects. Specifically, I am responsible for tracking show message boards, for writing and editing blogs, and for conducting research on competitive networks' strategies.  Below are examples of marketing materials for a well-known reality show,Tori and Dean, campaign. 

Oxygen 1

Tori and Dean Announcement

Human Rights Watch
I am so grateful for my time at Human Rights Watch, during which I gained invaluable writing and researching skills. My daily responsibilities included working with CMS, such as Kintera.org, to upload materials to the website, maintaining a comprehensive statistics summary for weekly e-newsletters, and participating in team meeting to pitch high profile media, such as NYTimes, Huffington Post, and BBC. Below is a newsletter that I worked on and distributed to staff in 11 countries. 
Human Rights Watch Newsletter

All the materials are taken from KCTS9.org, www.humanimpactsinstitute.org, oxygen.com and hrw.org.