Community Projects

Below are three projects from my Strategic Communications classes. I have received all As for these three projects.

International Fashion Night Strategic Communications Plan 
This project comes from my first PR class. I learned basic concepts and practices of PR in this class and had a chance to apply my knowledge to this exciting project. I decided to focus on a real event for my student club, The International Club. I used the below presentation not only for the class, but also as a presentation material to request for funding  from our school's student government. Thanks to this well-though and organized plan, the student government funded 75% of the budget. Not to mention, we sold 100 tickets within 2 days and fundraised $1000 based on the publicity materials from this plan.
    International Fashion Night

         Project For Commuting Students at Seattle University 
    The second project was a collaboration between Christine Shih and me. We had to incorporate what we learned thorough the quarter about key messages and tag lines to address a problem for Seattle University students. After conducting a survey amongst 100 students we discovered that transportation was a big challenge for many students living outside of campus to attend events and get more involved. As a result, we came up with the following plan:

     Power Point 371

    Video product of the project:

        3. Study Aboard Reputation Project
    For this project, my goal was to apply the modern model of PR in the rise of social media to advocate for a valuable solution for an issue that the US is facing. In this class I learned invaluable lessons about reputation and brand management that will certainly help me in the future. We also studied many cases from Starbucks and Edelman to emphasize the important of mass media, which will fuel a new form of PR: a social movement. I chose lack of studying aboard experiences at American students as a problem to be solved for this project.

    Reputation Presentation

    What do you think about my projects? Do you think they are well researched and offer solutions to the problems?